Sorry its been so long!!!!

Good morning fellow crafters! Sorry its been so long since my last blog, but l’ve been having a little trouble, health wise!
For the last three months l’ve had Sciatic pain down my left leg which has steadily grown worse, up to the point that l can only walk a few steps, and most of the few are agony!! So, a few sobbing Doctor’s appointments later, l was then loaded up with drugs (20+ per day!) which didnt help so Doc finally put me onto the dreaded Morphine!  So now l’m even more of a dizzy blonde than l was before! The pain has now lessened to a bearable point, and l’m seeing the Pain Clinic today who l hope will refer me to a specialist to find out whats going on!
All of this is a rather long winded way of telling you why l havent been crafting lately! I hope to be back on top form soon, and meanwhile this enforced rest gives me time to hop on over to your blogs and catch up! Happy crafting, and good health to you all! Denise xxx

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The Liebster Award


Good Morning! The Liebster award is a blog award for bloggers with less than 200 followers (me ūüė¶ ) and its a way of introducing yourself to other bloggers and you nominate others to do the same.

Ok so here are the questions that Katie Lamb who nominated me has asked me to answer:

Who or what encouraged you to start blogging?

I had seen other peoples blogs and wanted to do it, really. ¬†I thought their blogs looked great and were a great way to showcase your work, so after many false starts I created Den’s Designs.


How did you choose what to blog about?

No contest! My all consuming passion is crafting so I wanted to blog about my crafty makes and hopefully inspire others!


What is something that most people dont know about you?

Most people I meet online would not know that I am a person with a spiritual outlook on life and I am also a healer.  I believe in God (and reincarnation) and that we are here to love and be loved; in fact I believe that LOVE is the basis for every thread woven through our lives. As humans we stray often from love in our thoughts and actions, but everything always comes back to love at the end of the day! I believe that everything that happens to me is an experience for me to learn and grow.  I accept that everything that happens to me is for a reason and that our thoughts create our reality, and it is up to me to watch those thoughts in order to create a better reality! I also believe that acceptance is the key, in all things.


What three words describe your style?

Ha! Crafting style or me style?! Craft wise I love the grungy, distressed, shabby chic look.  I like contemporary (and even a little gothic) rather than old fashioned twee!

What do you like to do when youre not blogging?

I love to walk on the beach and through woodland and listen to the birds singing and especially love to sit in the shade on a summers day and listen to the sounds of nature!  My most favourite thing in the whole world to do is to play with and fuss dogs! I love dogs SO MUCH!  I also love to watch crime shows, horror and I love all sci-fi and werewolves, vampires, etc etc!  I love being with my husband, and we spend all our time together (bar crafting time, of course!! Dont be silly, now!)


I nominate Keren Baker!