Monthly Archives: June 2014

Sorry its been so long!!!!

Good morning fellow crafters! Sorry its been so long since my last blog, but l’ve been having a little trouble, health wise!
For the last three months l’ve had Sciatic pain down my left leg which has steadily grown worse, up to the point that l can only walk a few steps, and most of the few are agony!! So, a few sobbing Doctor’s appointments later, l was then loaded up with drugs (20+ per day!) which didnt help so Doc finally put me onto the dreaded Morphine!  So now l’m even more of a dizzy blonde than l was before! The pain has now lessened to a bearable point, and l’m seeing the Pain Clinic today who l hope will refer me to a specialist to find out whats going on!
All of this is a rather long winded way of telling you why l havent been crafting lately! I hope to be back on top form soon, and meanwhile this enforced rest gives me time to hop on over to your blogs and catch up! Happy crafting, and good health to you all! Denise xxx

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